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Maria José Blum M.

Under the leadership of Dean Santiago Velázquez and with the support of the UEES Arbitration and Mediation Center, the School Law established the UEES Arbitration Team, facilitating the participation of UEES law students in both national and international arbitration competitions.


The new arbitration team embarked on this journey with great ambition and a strong commitment to excellence. This pursuit demanded rigorous preparation, unwavering enthusiasm, and the expert guidance of faculty members specialized in alternative dispute resolution methods and various legal disciplines.


The UEES Arbitration team participated in the prestigious XII National Arbitration Competition 2023, hosted by the University of Azuay and organized by the Arbitration and Mediation Center of the Ecuadorian-American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAM), and the University of San Francisco, Quito.


As a coach for the UEES Law Team, I had the privilege of witnessing the unwavering dedication of the team members, as well as the commitment of the coaches and the dean, who meticulously prepared the team over a span of six months, addressing each phase of the competition with utmost care. The team underwent continuous training, supervision, and feedback to ensure their triumph in both the written and oral phases of the competition.


Through this experience, the students developed skills such as legal writing, crafting legal arguments, public speaking, scenario management, mastery of the simulated case, role-playing, and mock hearings. It is noteworthy that the team’s memoranda (claim and responses) and their participation in hearings were developed exclusively by our law students.

Over the course of four months (from March to June 2023), the team exhibited an outstanding performance and achieved numerous milestones, including:


  • Successfully completing the written phase (memoranda of claim and response).
  • Winning the hearings in the general rounds, competing against universities from various cities across the country (Quito, Guayaquil, Cuenca, among others).
  • Advancement to the semifinals of the competition and, winning against the host university (University of Azuay).
  • Reaching the final hearing of the competition and receiving several awards for their outstanding performance throughout the competition:
    • 1st place for Best Claim Memorandum
    • 2nd place in the final hearing
    • 2nd mention for Best Orator
    • 3rd mention for Best Orator


With these remarkable achievements, a new chapter of success has been etched into the legacy of the UEES School of Law and its students, further enhancing the prestige of our university and its faculty members. These accomplishments lay a promising path for our students, providing them with unparalleled opportunities in forthcoming academic competitions and promising career prospects.  It is with great pride that we announce our students secured two paid legal internships.

Congratulations to the UEES Law School and all the members of the UEES Arbitration Team! These accomplishments demonstrate that we continue to lead in academic excellence at the national level as the top university in Ecuador!


Participating Students:

  • Carlos Elías Correa García – Team Captain
  • Paula Alejandra Conforme Chávez
  • Efrén José Baquerizo Bautista
  • Nicole González-Rubio Trujillo
  • Francisco Xavier Alvarado Oyague
  • Karla Saneli Condo Jaya
  • Sandra Lissette Alvarez Estrada
  • Gustavo Salvatore Moreno Chico
  • Lilibeth Fernanda Sarzosa Ibarra
  • Leonardo Augusto Barreiro Zambrano
  • Ashley Herlinda Pincay Matute


  • Dr. María José Blum Moarry
  • Mgt. Veronica Valeria Rodriguez Barco
  • Mgt. María Francisca Gallegos-Anda

Team Director:

  • Dr. Santiago Efrain Velázquez Velázquez

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