International Affairs Office

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We are looking forward to welcome you in our cultural immersion program!
Here you will find the forms to fill out in order to apply.
Please keep in mind that there are documents that must be printed, signed and uploaded before finalizing your application.

Process your nomination (exchange program) through the international department at your home institution.

How to Apply

Step 1

Submit the following application documents

  1. Application for International Students
  2. Housing Application
  3. Medical Form (Donwload PDF file)
  4. Spanish Placement Test for English-speakers (optional)
  5. Internship/Volunteering Questionnaire (optional)
  6. Copy of valid Passport 
  7. Proof of Insurance for the length of the program (sufficient to cover emergency evacuation and repatriation of remains) 
  8. Academic Transcript 
  9. Two Letters of Recommendation from Home institution (faculty member / academic advisor) (
  10. COVID Vaccionation Certificate 

The Universidad Espiritu Santo reserves the right to place students in the appropriate Spanish level dependent on ability and not student preference.
*Waived for students participating through official university affiliation programs with UEES.

Step 2

Upon being accepted, you will receive the following:

  1. Acceptance Letter (Certificate of Eligibility for visa application)
  2. Pre-Departure Information
  3. Calendar
  4. Username and student code
  5. Program invoice and payment options (costs related to health, safety, and cultural immersion activities must be cancelled prior to arrival)

Step 3

If you are applying to a program that is longer than 90 days, please contact your nearest Ecuadorian Consulate to obtain a student visa.

(Requirements vary by region, but generally you will require a valid passport, a completed Application Form, University Acceptance Letter and the relevant fee.)

Step 4

Prepare to travel! (Book your flight on the suggested arrival date)
Once you send your arrival details to IAO, you will receive the following:

  • What to Pack List
  • Information on Accommodation (Homestay, student residence, or independent accommodation in the area of Samborondón as a recommendation)
  • Information on Internship/Volunteer options